“Americanizing” contract terms and conditions. Prior to a UK company’s entry into the American market, I review and revise their UK contract terms and conditions to ensure that essential U.S. contract provisions are included. The absence of key contract provisions could cripple a UK company’s entry into the American market and lead to costly legal problems.

Contract negotiations. I provide legal, strategic and practical advice on contract negotiations to ensure that the UK company structures a mutually-beneficial business relationship with an American entity. Contracts include agency, licensing, distribution, employment, manufacturing, and ancillary business agreements.

Setting-up Corporations and Limited Liability Companies. I provide legal, strategic and practical advice on setting-up an entity (or entities) in the UK company’s target market(s) within the United States.

Deterring fraud and seeking post-fraud recovery. The specter of fraud is an ever-present danger in international business transactions. I provide legal, strategic, and practical advice prior to a proposed transaction to minimize risks and maximize the opportunity for a positive outcome. In those situations where fraud may have occurred, it is crucial to take decisive action. Often, the victim of fraud (who is unfamiliar with the United States and its different legal system) doesn’t even know where to start. I can provide a starting point, evaluate the situation, contact and work with the appropriate authorities, and seek avenues to recover lost funds.

Resolving State Sales and Use Tax Issues. Each individual state in the United States has its own sales and use tax regulatory scheme. The state laws and administrative rules governed sales and use taxes are often very complex. I can help avoid these legal landmines and unravel tax issues that have already occurred.

Serving as a Legal Trouble-Shooter. I’ve provided legal counsel to numerous UK companies who had legal issues and problems that simply didn’t fit neatly into a box – but they still needed a resolution FAST!